Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB)
At RSB, we believe that carving a great future should be simple, straight forward, and yet groom you for excellence. As the one among the leading Business School in Chennai, we offer a course that will empower you and equip you with the wherewithal, that will dare you to be different, enlarge your boundaries and help you overcome challenges in the corporate career.


eLearningLounge – ‘Your personal learning and interacting zone’ is a highly customized learning environment that fosters ownership and responsibility of learning on the part of students thereby creating lifelong learners. It helps students assess themselves at regular intervals. The platform promotes peer learning, and provides mentor support when the student needs it. It also helps students express themselves through the unique interactive zone.
My Study
Through My StudyBoard students possess the same scientifically More
designed content that provides each one of them with an identical opportunity to learn through the body of principles governing business practices and policies. My StudyBoard enables students to learn, keep notes of important topics, and get their queries addressed by concerned faculty members..

Helps students keep track of their attendance and performances. More
This is a very useful tool to take necessary remedial actions as and when the need arises. At RSB, we believe that students should take responsibility of their learning and hence they should be able to monitor their own performance and take necessary help to address gaps in their learning wherever required.

The Interactive Zone provides students to express themselves and let the More
user community know about their interests in non-academic disciplines. Through the interactive zone, students can write blogs, participate in discussion forums on diverse topics, and show their creative talents by uploading photographs, videos, documents etc...